The North Stan, as it is known, is the highest elevation commercial rafting run in California. This means you'll be surrounded by high Sierra scenery and granite boulders as you paddle through fun rapids.

The put-in at Sourgrass Campground has typical beautiful Sierra scenery with granite and big pine trees everywhere. Just below the bridge is the scary Class V+ rapid, Sourgrass, that was more runnable before the 1997 floods changed it. You'll start your trip (below Sourgrass) with a few challenging Class IV rapids as a warm up.

There will be fun rapids scattered along the run and the best section of whitewater is at the end with Upper Sequioa and Lower Sequioa rapids. These are exciting rapids among granite boulders with some big, tight drops. The trip ends by taking out at a bridge in Calaveras Big Trees Park.

Trip Highlights

Mile 0: Put-in below Sourgrass Falls (V+). This rapid was previously runnable but the 1997 floods changed it into a more dangerous endeavor.

Mile 1.6: At Board's Crossing you'll go under a bridge on a private road.

Mile 4: The Thing (IV)

Mile 4.6: Upper Sequoia (IV) can be scouted on the right or left.

Mile 4.8: Lower Sequoia (IV)

Mile 5: Take-out at the bridge in Calaveras Trees State Park. If you want more Class IV and V rapids you can also continue downstream a few miles to McKay's Point.