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Gear Review: Aquaseal +UV

By: Michael Hughes, February 16, 2024

Holes in your soft gear doesn't mean it is time to retire that gear. There are a handful of ways to make repairs from duct tape to epoxy. Aquaseal +UV...

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Lower Falls on the North Fork of the Crooked River

North Fork Crooked Trip Report

By: WWGB Staff, April 30, 2023

Written By Yann Crist-Evans Class: II, III, IV (P) Length: 17.8 miles Flow: 500-2500 cfs Character: forested, canyon Gradient: avg 38 fpm Season: spring snowmelt (extremely short season) Hazards: logs,...

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Zach Collier

Do We Still Need Zach?

By: Courtney Sweeney, April 27, 2023

Most Tuesdays Zach goes live on Youtube to answer questions he has received over the past week. Zach has been immersed in the whitewater community since college at UC Davis....

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8 Cool Cooler Lifehacks - You Won't Believe Number 6!

By: Michael Hughes, April 1, 2023

#1 - Throw Bag A throw bag is part of every river runners gear. A cooler just happens to be on every multi day trip! Why not bring a little...

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UL Chairs

Gear Review: Ultralight Chairs

By: Michael Hughes, January 12, 2023

Multi-day raft trips are like car camping trips. Just bring it all! So you may not think ultralight camp gear is needed in the whitewater world. That is until you...

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new gear 2023

New Gear For 2023!

By: Michael Hughes, January 6, 2023

Well its the beginning of the new year and summer will be here before know it. The new seasons means new gear hitting the shelves! Lets take a look to...

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Ducky Wars All Day

Pro Tips: River Trips Games

By: Michael Hughes, January 28, 2022

River trips are all about doing exactly what you want to do. Feel like relaxing in the shade and reading a book? Do it! Can't stand the thought of sitting...

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River Lovers Gift Guide

By: Michael Hughes, December 2, 2021

The holiday season is upon us and you may be thinking about getting a gift for a fellow river lover. Hopefully you haven't waited to long to track some of...

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Rafting and Fishing Pt 3

Pro Tip: Planning And Packing For A Fishing Trip Pt. 3

By: Michael Hughes, September 16, 2021

After all the above planning and preparation, you’re ready to raft and fish. However, there are a few final things to consider. Just like we leave our campsites as, or...

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Pro Tip: Planning And Packing For A Fishing Trip Pt. 2

By: Michael Hughes, September 8, 2021

We are back with Jesse from Sage Fly Fishing to talk about gear! When combining fly fishing with a multi-day float trip, I take a minimalist approach to my fishing...

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