There are 42 miles of Class II and III rapids on the McKenzie between Olallie Campground and Leaburg Dam. The section described below is the most popula since it has fun rapids and great kayak play spots that appeal to a wide range of boaters. The water is particularly cold so dressing for cold water is always important.

The McKenzie is a popular destination for drift boats for it's great fishing, scenery, and river access. It is so popular that the "McKenzie River Driftboat" bears it's name.

Trip Highlights

Mile 0: Put-in at Finn Rock Boat Landing.

Finn Rock Boat Landing

Finn Rock Boat Landing

Mile 2.5: Clover Point is a fun playspot with several great waves for surfing. The bridge at Nimrod is just downstream.

Mile 3.1: Eagle Rock Rapid (II) is followed by some fun surf waves on the left.

Surfing a wave below Eagle Rock Rapid

Surfing a wave below Eagle Rock Rapid

Mile 4.3: Silver Creek Boat Landing provides river access on river right.

Mile 6.3: Rennie's Landing provides river access on the right.

Mile 7.5: Brown's Hole (III-) can flip a raft and is avoidable by going right.

Mile 9.2: Ben and Kay Dorris County Park has a boat ramp that provides an alternate put-in or take-out. The most difficult rapid (Marten Rapid) is just downstream.

Mile 9.4: Marten Rapid (III) has several big rocks to maneuver around. This is the most difficult rapid on this stretch.

Rafting Marten Rapid on the McKenzie River

Rafting Marten Rapid on the McKenzie River

Mile 10: Take-out at Prince Helfrich Boat Ramp. There are alternate take-out locations if you want to continue downstream.

Written by
Zach Collier

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