Put-in is located at the Natural Bridge Viewpoint just north of Prospect. Hike along the paved trail to see the river disappear under the lava tube. There is a big rapid that can be run, or avoided by seal launching off the left cliff. People enjoy watching kayakers launch into the water from the bridge above.

This is a great year round run, especially in the hot summer months. The water is cool and the surrounding trees provide nice shade. Head here when everything else is low and temps start reaching triple digits.

Trip Highlights

Mile .9: Pull over on the right or left to scout Karma (IV). There are a few different lines through this long boulder garden.
Mile 1.4: Don't miss the eddy on river left. This is the portage for Knob Falls (V). Seal launch back into the river.
Mile 1.6: Just around the corner from Knob Falls is Blue Hole (IV). Paddle hard to punch through the hole.
Mile 2.8: No Fat Chicks (IV) is a tight, constricted channel that will take you for a ride.
Mile 3: When you see Woodruff Bridge take the river right channel down a couple of drops and into the large pool. The easiest take out is on river left just after going under the bridge.