There is a nice put-in at Leidl Campground or Stimpson Flats Campground 3 miles down stream. The valley widens as the river flows toward the Columbia making for a great class II float. Keep your eyes open for sweepers and log jams. This stretch is a great self-contained two-day trip, but make sure to camp above the confluence with the little Klickitat River because much of the land below is privately owned. Take-out is a trip to the past as the remaining building from 1930's still stands today. First built to bottle mineral water but lack of a market for such a product and the discovery of dry ice changed everything.

Trip Highlights

Mile 0: Put-in at Leidl Campground
Mile 2.8: Stimpson Flats Campground can be used as a put-in.
Mile 12: Little Klickitat River enters from the left.
Mile 15.9: Old Icehouse Access take out on river left.