The Little Klickitat River is a gem of a creek that only flows a few days each year. After heavy storms in the Columbia Gorge you'll find paddlers flocking to this high desert tributary full of fun Class IV+ rapids. It makes for a long day, so be sure to get and early start!

Trip Highlights

Mile 0: Put-in where Esteb Road crosses the Little Klickitat River. The river below here winds through farm country and is quite brushy until First Ledge.

Put-in for the Little Klickitat River

Put-in for the Little Klickitat River

Mile 1: First Ledge (V) is a big rapid that comes up quick with a pin spot in the center that can be scouted or portaged on the left. Below here are tons of great boulder gardens for the next 6 or so miles. The last big rapid is Little Klickitat Falls, a 15 foot waterfall that is most people's highlight of the trip.

Mile 8.8: Canyon Creek enters from the right.

Mile 10.6: Take-out at or just above the confluence with the Klickitat River.

Written by
Zach Collier