The Washougal River rises quickly after rain and drops quickly when the rain ends. The Big Eddy section is probably the most commonly run stretch due to the easy access and fun rapids. Big Eddy (IV) is a bit more difficult than the rest of the Class II and III rapids on this section of river.

The Washougal River Road follows the entire run and there is a turn-out to scout Big Eddy. There a few other access points along the road allowing you to do a shorter stretch.

Trip Highlights

Mile 0: There is river access where Salmon Falls Road (also known as Highway 140) crosses the Washougal River at 10-Mile Bridge. You can carry down the side of the bridge on river right near the Washougal River Mercantile. If you have rafts it's easier to use the public access on river left found a few hundred feet down Sportsman Road.

Mile 1.7: Another public river access on the river right.

River left launch down Sportsman Road

River left launch down Sportsman Road

Mile 2.7: Big Eddy (IV) is the biggest rapid on this stretch. There is a big eddy before the rapid on the right as the river bends sharply to the left. When you scout be aware that there is some private property on the right bank.

Mile 7: Fishing access with parking on the right is a great take-out.

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