The "Orletta" begins where Orletta Creek meets the White Salmon. Putting in here is a bit of a pain since you need to scramble about 1000 feet down Orletta Creek to reach the put-in. It's tolerable with a kayak and downright annoying with a raft.

This is nice way to do the last rapids of the Green Truss section and is packed with fun rapids. Most people will portage BZ Falls on the right and some groups continue down the "Middle" White Salmon down to Husum Falls.

Trip Highlights

Mile 0: Put in at the confluence of Orletta Creek and the White Salmon River. Please don't trespass on nearby private property.

Mile 0.15: Orletta #1 (IV) is long and sort of complicated and can be scouted at lower flows on the right side. It really helps to have some that knows this section well explain the rapid.

Mile 0.3: Orletta #2 (IV) is long and complicated rapid with some wood lodged on the right side at the bottom.

There are a bunch of unnamed Class III and IV rapids below here.

Mile 1.5: Triple Drop (IV) is a fun triple tiered rapid that can be scouted on the right by catching a small eddy before the first drop.

Mile 1.85: The Flume (IV) fun rapid that's a bit tough to explain. It can be scouted from the left.

Laying treats on the Flume Rapid on the White Salmon River

Laying treats on the Flume Rapid on the White Salmon River

Mile 1.95: BZ Falls (V) is a tough drop and one of the most commonly portaged rapids on the entire White Salmon.

Mile 2.2: Top Drop (III+) is the last rapid and the take out eddy is on the right immediately after this drop. There is a set of stairs on the right that head up to the BZ Corners Parking Lot. You can also continue down the "Middle White" to Husum Falls.

Written by
Zach Collier