Surfing a big wave.

What are the Different Types of River Currents?

By: Ellie Friedmann, May 22, 2020

River water does not flow in a straight line but must meander, fall, swirl, and collect according to its environment. We call these movements currents. As whitewater boaters, we must...

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The Best PFD for Boating

By: Ellie Friedmann, May 13, 2020

A Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is a necessary piece of safety equipment for any paddler or passenger. While nearly all PFDs have a similar general design, each boater looks for...

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Wearing PFDs on a raft

Frequently Asked Questions About PFDs

A Personal Flotation Device, also called a PFD, helps you stay on the surface of the water. However, there are so many questions, so lets dive in. What is the...

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Do I need a dry suit for kayaking?

By: Emily Little, May 9, 2020

The short answer is: it depends on the river. If you are kayaking all year round, and the winter months are cold and snowy, you are going to want a...

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Inflatable Kayak at Tappan Falls at 3 Feet

Introduction to Inflatable Kayaking

By: Ellie Friedmann, April 14, 2020

Inflatable kayaking (IK) is a great introduction to the water. Their versatility can surprise you: IK’s can be perfect for a relaxing lake paddle, an exciting whitewater expedition, or a...

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New Gear Revealed at the 2019 America Outdoor Association Conference

By: Michael Hughes, December 19, 2019

Winter is here, the holidays are coming in fast, and many boaters have all their gear put away for the year. That means to it time to start thinking, dreaming,...

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Using the Pusher Tool to Remove Air Bubbles

Hypalon Inflatable Boat Repair

By: Zach, December 9, 2018

Make sure you know what type of material you are repairing, as there are different techniques for repairing different raft materials. This article is for repairing hypalon rafts. What You...

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AIRE BakRaft

AIRE BakRaft Review

By: Zach, October 29, 2018

I’ve been using the AIRE BakRaft Expedition for a couple years now and want to share my thoughts about their strengths and weaknesses. First and foremost, these revolutionary ultralight kayaks...

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Camping on the Illinois River

Pro Tip: Spring Multi-Day Trips in Oregon

By: Zach, March 9, 2017

We have an impressive snowpack in Oregon and I'm getting ready for some unique multi-day trips this spring. Instead of picking a particular river, consider picking a time frame and...

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Kayak Slalom at the Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival

Event: Upper Clackamas River Festival 2015

By: Michael Hughes, May 7, 2015

Flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer, and rain clouds are doing their best to produce some precipitation. That means it is spring, with summer not to far off....

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