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Pro Tips: First Trip of the Season

By: Michael Hughes, March 21, 2024

The sun is shining, the snow is starting to melt, permits have been issued, and that means rafting season is almost here! Time to go through your gear, inflate your...

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Gear Review: Astral Layla LE

By: Courtney Sweeney, October 3, 2022

Every year Astral makes limited edition, artistically decorated runs of their popular PFDs. This season Astral released their first “LE” of the women’s specific PFD, the Layla. What I like...

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The Best PFD for Boating

By: Ellie Friedmann, May 13, 2020

A Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is a necessary piece of safety equipment for any paddler or passenger. While nearly all PFDs have a similar general design, each boater looks for...

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Wearing PFDs on a raft

Frequently Asked Questions About PFDs

A Personal Flotation Device, also called a PFD, helps you stay on the surface of the water. However, there are so many questions, so lets dive in. What is the...

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Kayaking the Hood River in my Stolhquist Descent

Gear Review: Stohlquist Descent PFD

By: Michael Hughes, March 27, 2015

Everyone has their opinion about what PFD is the best. Some form an opinion based on looks, others on fit, and some on function. The last two being really important...

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