Flip practice in a whitewater rescue course

River Raft Guide Certifications: Rescue, First Aid, and IRF

By: K.M. Collins, June 3, 2023

Top commercial river companies want to hire top performing guides. And one of the best ways to demonstrate you are a top performer is whitewater credentials. On a side note,...

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Kragem Breakthrough


Karagem Breakthrough on the Argut River | Aaron and Zach's Mediocre Rafting Show

January 9, 2023

This week Vladimir Gavrilov joins us to talk about Bubliks, the Argut River, and the Karagem Breakthrough. Additionally, Steve Welch continues his new segment "The Mental Angle" by introducing his...

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R2 rafters at Boatsmith whitewater race photo by Nicole

PNW Paddle Profile: Nicole Smedegaard

By: K.M. Collins, March 31, 2022

Southern Oregon local and decade deep river guide Nicole Smedegaard has launched a new business Nature Nicole Whitewater (NNWW) LLC which serves in educating the river community (both private boaters...

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IRF Hood River-6

Paddle Sports in the COVID-19 Era Pt. 5

By: Michael Hughes, March 12, 2021

This week our journey through the paddle sports world in the COVID era has brought to raft training and education. I chatted with international training guru Mark Hirst about what...

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Vladimir Kovalik

Remembering Vladimir Kovalik

By: Zach, February 24, 2020

This week we said goodbye to an industry legend. Vladimir Kovalik made an impact in the world of rafting through his gear innovations, tenacity, and passion for rivers.  The following...

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Astral Rassler

Gear Review: Astral Rassler

By: Michael Hughes, November 20, 2015

Astral has been putting some great water shoes out in recent years. The very popular

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Rafting in Thailand

Trip Report: Rafting and Kayaking in Thailand

By: Doug, December 8, 2014

I recently traveled to Thailand and looked into rafting and Kayaking there. There are two rivers that are typically run commercially in Thailand and a few others that are run...

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Big Kahuna Rapid on Opal Creek

Pro-Tip: Definitions of Whitewater Terms

By: Molly, October 3, 2014

We throw around a lot of terms in the boating world and it can be daunting as a new boater to know what's being talked about. We compiled a list...

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Steve and friends camping in the Atacama Desert

Cool Friend: Steve Welch

By: Molly, August 26, 2014

There are so many cool people in the boating community! We decided to start interviewing folks we either want to get to know better or think the general population should...

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