Smith River

Events: BoatSmith

By: K.M. Collins, February 28, 2023

BoatSmith is a beloved whitewater festival and race held happens annually on the Smith River near Gasquet, CA. As a mid-February season opener to whitewater races, it’s a home-town throwdown...

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Whitewater Resources

Pro Tip: Best Whitewater Related Resources

By: Michael Hughes, February 16, 2023

Whitewater is a pretty small niche in the sports world. There aren't huge areas hosting events for the masses. Accessing whitewater for many begins with long hours driving just to...

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R2 rafters at Boatsmith whitewater race photo by Nicole

PNW Paddle Profile: Nicole Smedegaard

By: K.M. Collins, March 31, 2022

Southern Oregon local and decade deep river guide Nicole Smedegaard has launched a new business Nature Nicole Whitewater (NNWW) LLC which serves in educating the river community (both private boaters...

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Racers Getting Ready

Events: Upper Wind Whitewater Festival 2022

By: Michael Hughes, March 22, 2022

The short winter days are gone, its starting to rain, and snow is melting. Spring is here! This past weekend folks from all corners of the paddling world gathered at...

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So many boats

Pro Tip: FAQ For New Rowers

By: Michael Hughes, February 17, 2022

I spend a lot of my time recreating and working on the river. I have been on trips with people that have more experience than I may ever gain and...

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Selway Fabrication River Bank Toilet

Gear Review: Selway Toilet

By: Emily Little, September 12, 2020

Something everyone uses on river trips is a toilet, affectionately known as “the groover”. Back in the day, rafters had to attempt to sit or hover over a metal box...

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How to Determine Proper Oar Size

By: Ellie Friedmann, May 14, 2020

Properly sized oars can make all the difference when seeking a comfortable rowing experience and good lines. Below is a guide for determining the right oar size given a variety...

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Courtney on the Illinois 2019

Rowing From A Woman's Perspective

By: Ellie Friedmann, April 24, 2020

When I first learned to row I came from a soccer background with arms the size of angel hair pasta. A few years later I was playing a lot less...

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Repair Tools

Pro Tip: Wooden Oar Maintenance pt. 1

By: Michael Hughes, April 1, 2020

Wood has been used to makes oars for about 7,500 years. Through the decades material choice has shifted a bit more to composite materials. However, a nice set of wooden...

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Blade Fiberglass

Pro Tip: Wooden Oar Maintenance pt. 2

This is the second part of my adventure into refinishing a couple of oars. If you didn't see the first part, check it out here. These oars have a fiberglass...

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