Tappan Falls

Pro Tips: River Permit Lottery

By: Michael Hughes, January 24, 2024

Every January boating groups around the country (maybe the world) get together in person, video chats, or long email chains and formulate a plan to get the perfect season of...

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Video Review: Getting Beat Down

By: Courtney Sweeney, April 5, 2023

Some boaters are drawn to big munching holes, others avoid them at all cost. Sometimes you make it through, other times you and maybe your boat go along for the...

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Pro Tip: Planning A Multi-Day Raft Trip

By: Michael Hughes, February 4, 2022

Many people have gathered with their friends to submit permits for multi-day trips across the country. Deadlines for some of the classics pass at the end of January. Everyone is...

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6 Classic River Books

Classic River Books

By: Michael Hughes, January 22, 2021

While none of these books made the New York Times Best Seller list, at least I am going to assume that, I found some real gems amongst the books shelves....

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A huge brown trout pulled in on a multi-day rafting trip.

The Best Rafting Trips for Fishing

By: Nick Wright, November 19, 2020

Fishing is a great way to pass the time on multi-day rafting trips. Some of the best fishing in the country lies in remote places, typically only accessible by whitewater...

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Selway Fabrication River Bank Toilet

Gear Review: Selway Toilet

By: Emily Little, September 12, 2020

Something everyone uses on river trips is a toilet, affectionately known as “the groover”. Back in the day, rafters had to attempt to sit or hover over a metal box...

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Best River Trip Games

By: Emily Little, May 30, 2020

Multi-day rafting trips are not just about the whitewater and side hikes; a lot of fun can be had just hanging around at camp. By most standards, camping on a...

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Kids on Rafting Trips

5 Reasons Kids Should Go on Rafting Trips

By: Emily Little, May 25, 2020

Growing up, my family vacations centered around the outdoors. The highlight of my summers was always going on week long backpacking or rafting trip. My brothers and I were often...

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Green Wall Rapid in Oregon

The Best Rapid in Each State: Western U.S. Edition

By: Nick Wright, May 5, 2020

Our incredibly scientific formula for determining the best rapid in the state takes many elements into consideration: Technical challenge Wave size and splashiness Potential for a good story Feeling of...

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Green Wall Rapid on the Illinois.

The 10 Best Rafting Trips

By: Zach, September 18, 2019

Writing any “best” list is tough and certainly an opinion skewed by the motivations, personal likes, and experiences of the author. Here is my own personal top 10, my fave...

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